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geschrieben am 06.11.2014
University of Birmingham Triathlon Team
About a new coach, a new team, a new environment and a new way of living. - This time in english

It's been a while since I wrote my last entry and a lot of wonderfull, funny and exciting things happened to me. I think it might be appropriate to write this "News" in English, since I am here in Birmingham to study, learn, speak, and train in a British kind of way. 

I was very happy that my father accompanied me the first couple of days on my journey by driving me from Basel to Birmingham and helping me to settle in. After the first cultural- and "having-to-live-on-my-own" shock I started to orgnanise my life. This included some funny and bizarre situations: For example I got lost when I was walking home from the supermarket with 20kg of food in a backpack and some more in both hands and ended up entering a chic restaurant just to call a taxi. Other times I ended up in wrong seminars or had constantly soaked feets, caused by the lovely british weather. 

However after a couple of weeks I still felt quite homesick, so I decided to start training with the Triathlon Team of the University of Birmingham. This was probably one of the best decisions, since training made me feel more balanced overall. Last week, the challenging club time-trials of a 400m swim, a 8km bike and a 3km run were on the programme. The times I swam, cycled and ran were not fantastic, but a nice first benchmark to start working with. Additionally they made me become part of the high performance squad of the team, which is a great opportunity for me to get a lot of coached training sessions. I am really looking forward to spend a lot of hours of training with all the lovely people from the team. I think they are not just good tube changers ;)(since I got so many flat tires here), but they also made me feel more happy with the life I am having here. 

So this is my new home, and besides of really enjoying the course of international relations, I decided to work with a new coach. Louise Barron did not only provide me with fantastic training sessions, but also made me find my smile again in the last couple of weeks. I am sure she will be the right person to help me improve in triathlon and in believing in myself. I am extremely motivated to head off into a new season where everything is possible with such a great coach on my side. 

For now, I thank you for reading and taking part in my journey.

Tri Love :)