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geschrieben am 26.01.2015
Training and studying is possible at the same time
Challenged - either from life or from reading books on a bike

It's been way too long since my last entry. The last two months did teach me a lot. Again.

After i had finally settled in here in Birmimngham and enjoyed the time at University, my health wanted to challenge my patience. Or at least we thought so. Because after a quite disappoint race - the BUCS (British Universities & College Sports) Duathlon - me and people around me started to get really worried about my health, which is why I had to stop training for a while. Luckily, we found out, later on, that everything was alright and that there was no longer a need to worry.

The period off from training gave me a lot of time to study for my course. Moreover I started to think and work on some of the other little details that will make me a better athlete. I collected a lot of information about nutrition and I worked on my mental skills. All in all I realized to what extend triathlon is a part of my life. And that it is one of the best.

After this period, which was certainly a gain, maybe not in terms of fitness but rather for the mind, I could happily start with training again. For now, I am back in Birmingham, after an amazing Christmas spent with my lovely family and friends (and Swiss cheese and bread). I am looking forward to a rather calm period of training and studying. There will certainly be some highlights with local races in one or the other discipline and the BUCS Biathlon at the end of the term.

Thanks for reading. Take care and do not try to read books while riding out on the roads, this is meant to be done only on the turbo. :)

Tri Love