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geschrieben am 05.04.2015
What if I fall? - Oh but darling, What if you fly?
About the second term of Uni, the national trials and an amazing training camp in Kaltern (Italy)

I can't believe the second term of uni is already over and exams are coming closer and closer (too close!! :O). All in all the second term was filled with many essays, good quality training and a lot of fun with the University of Birmigham Triathlon Team and other friends from uni. It puts a smile on my face to know that I have two more years ahead of me to spend in Birmingham.

One of those many great days during the term was the BUCS (British University and College Sports) biathlon (200m swim and 1600m run), where we got a team bronzemedal thanks to the speedy performances of my teammates Megan and Rhiannon. After this event I started to get very nervous and excited for the swiss trials, that would be critiqual for the selection to further international races. More than once I was afraid of falling, luckily coach Lou, and the team reminded me that it was about the "What if you fly?" I could not be more thankful for all the great inputs they gave me. Two weeks later I was in Tenero (Italian part of Switzerland) to swim 800m and to run 5k. I felt calm and ready to smash my old PB’s, however things did not work out the way I wanted them to. I did not fly and I was really disappointed.

But I guess this is all part of it, and I just need to work some more and some harder. And this is what I did, I jumped on the next train, that would take me to Italy, to join my home-team, the Wildcats Swiss Triathlon Team, that were there on a training camp. In Kaltern (Süd-tirol) I did not only had a happy reunion with my teammates, but also met our new headcoach Cameron Lamont. During the whole week he was the one to push us on top of every hill and to keep us going even when the legs were tired, or when italian men were throwing pull-boys. ;) Big thanks, Cam! Moreover it was just amazing to spend some time with my second family - the Wildcats-  to gossip and laugh around every day and night. (If you're interested daily reports of the camp can be found here: ) All in all the week put me back on the right path and gave me back my smile. Thank you Fabienne and Katja for organising, the place, the weather, the people - everything was just really cool. :)

And thank you all - merci - Danke - for reading :) Tri Love <3