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geschrieben am 11.05.2015
BUCS Sprint Triathlon and BUCS crit race
About the first Triathlon race of the season and a great experience in the discipline of cycling

Since two weeks I'm back in Birmingham, mostly because I'm about to finish my first academic year at Uni. Obviously only if my exams go well (fingers-crossed)!

Besides of reading about all these great political theories and their temporary debates, I'm training and racing and really enjoying the breaks from the books. My first triathlon of the season was on the first weekend of May, where the weather was anything but May-like. It was the BUCS Sprint, of which I had heard of always being a quite high level race, with lots of great athletes racing in. I was really excited to see how I would do in that non-drafting triathlon.

On race-day, the whole team left in a big coach really early in the morning as the start was split in different waves. About 200 women and 360 men would be doing the 750m swim, 25k bike and the 5k run that day. Relaxed and excited at the same time I watched the undecisive weather the whole day. Before my swim though the sun was out, I thought to be lucky to have better conditions. However when I got out of the pool, the sun was gone and replaced by heavy rainfalls that transformed the road into a river. Consequently the ride was not the fastest, especially not in the corners, but it gave the whole ride a special touch and I actually really enjoyed pushing myself through this natural shower. The weather cleared up a little bit for the run, though not enough to dry my running-shoes that felt like two heavy stones as I put them on. The run was pitch flat and a turn-around course, that I unfortunately extended a little bit. I finished as 17th woman, and was happy about the result in that crazy race, that fitted in well with the stereotype of British weather.

The team performed really well and it was great to see everyone racing, after all those hours we had spend together to prepare for the season. As a womens team we got 4th and how we say in Switzerland the "Chocolate medal" (which is obviously as a non-chocolate-eater not my favourite thing ;)), well done to Floren and Vicky for that! A big thank you goes to Elliott, who did a great job getting us there and organising the long day. Another thank you goes to coach Lou, who is always an amazing support, before, during and after the race.

I took another break from studying, yesterday, where I raced in my second ever crit race. (For those of you who don't know what this is: It's a cycling race around a short loop, that we keep doing during a set time, drafting is allowed and it's a very tactical game.) I did it, because it is incredibly fun to do and good practice for drafting triathlons. All in all I managed to stay in the pack for the whole time. Unfortunately I could not follow the break-away of a couple of girls and did not manage to chase them either. At the end I also missed that we had just one lap to go and casually cruised through the finish asking everyone if we were really done. Oh well, I learned my lesson here, and will keep my eyes and ears open next time. Big thanks for getting me to the race and helping me out with everything UoB Cycling Club and well done to all of those racing. :)

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