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geschrieben am 07.07.2015
Triathlon Sempach
27°C lake temperature, 37°C air temperature...and a sprint triathlon. The second stage of the Swiss Triathlon Juniors League Series.

After a disappointing first race of the Swiss Juniors Leauge series in Zug, I was excited to bring back my UK performance and mindset for the second stage of the series in Sempach. Thanks to coach Lou, I can say that I got a bit closer of bringing it back here.

The night before a very Cybioo-like thing happened, I had a puncture in my race wheels, which need extra long inner tube valve. Saturday 9pm of course all bike shops had closed. Luckily, Cedric Stähli, the great bike mechanic and friend nearly did a full ironman to find one for me. Tuuuusig merci Cedi! :)

On a day, where everyone is already drenched when not moving, racing a non-drafting sprint triathlon would be a pure sahara experience. Oh well, this day would be just another one in the collection of crazy-weather-extremes that I am appearantly desperate about experiencing, in this season.

3, 2, 1 off in the water with an individual start and a quite embarrasing jump in the still-shallow, bath-like water. 750m later there was someone similar to me, (or was it maybe me?) in the transition looking for a helmet, that had fallen on the floor and some precious seconds were lost. The bike was a non-drafting one lap of the lake, that passed quick even though the focus was sometimes up in the sky instead of in the power going through the pedals. T2 then happened without further incidents (Alice-like ;)). The following 5k were split in water and sponge stations in my head, each sponge being a little relief of pain, and a distraction from the blisters that insisted on saying hello even though I was not responding. It was great to see many Wildcats and my sister along the course cheering. Thanks for being there even though you did not get the relief of the sponges for standing there.

I finished the race being 4th in the Juniors and 13th overall in the pro race, and certainly more pleased than two weeks ago. I still have got a lot of work to do, but that's what I love doing everyday, so it's good news. :) Now I'm looking forward to prepare for my next race in two weeks, which will be a Juniors European Cup in France, Châteauroux.

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