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geschrieben am 20.07.2015
Châteauroux Juniors European Cup
Rank 20 in the European Cup in Châteauroux, France

Race day in Châteauroux, I was really nervous and excited to race for the second time in the ETU Juniors European Cup sprint-drafting race. For once the weather looked nice, not too hot, not too cold and beautiful sunshine.

After the line up, the start happened from the beach, I could find a good pace and line, where not many distractions got into my way. Getting out of the water in the middle field, but just missing the lead group by 10s, some girls and me where trying to catch up on them. Unfortunately we were not working well together and lost some more time on them. After 2 of the 4 very technical laps with 3 U-turns I noticed that it started to rain, actually it was thunderstorming. Within minutes the road transformed itself into an ice-skating surface, the only problem, I was on a bike and not on skates. After I saw plenty of girls crashing and sliding, a roundabound on a little descent made me crash as well. Just like crashing on an ice-skating surface, my bike-darling and me were fine. I got back on my saddle and tried to catch the girls I had been riding with. With the shock of crashing, I was very scared to hit the ground again, and could only see the girls back. The run then was a lot better and I found a good rythm that carried me a few ranks further and finally to rank 20 at the finish line.

All in all it was a great experience for my racing-toolbox.

The guys were just as unlucky as we were, it rained twice on that day, and both times exactly when the athletes were out on the bike. My swiss-teammate Loic Prince had a tough race, he crashed, gave his best to come back, and walked out that day with a great positive attitude. Bravo! :)

The day after I gave myself a little treat on the way home. I stopped in Paris, which is my favourite city, and spend the afternoon there bumming around, watching tourists, and eating a crêpe citron.