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geschrieben am 09.09.2015
ETU Juniors European Cup Bled
21st rank in Slovenia

Triathlon Bled


The season 2015 is over. I’ve raced a lot, in many different places and with a great variety of strange weather conditions. But before I am closing this seasons chapter, it is time to write the last sentences of it.

After the rather disappointing races at the Swiss Championship in Nyon and at the last Juniors League race in Uster, where I could not pull out my best performance and ended up 4th, resp. 6th junior woman, I was a bit disillusioned. Additionally it turned out that the little pain in my toe, that had been annoying me for a few weeks was a crack of one of the toe-tendon. (I know, it doesn’t’ sound like anything too bad and luckily it isn’t, but with a running style that is “up on the toe’s” it was still annoying.) Nevertheless I had got the chance from the Swiss Triathlon Federation to race in another Juniors European Cup, this time in Bled, in Slovenia. These races are always a lot of fun, and hence I was really excited for it. It was the chance to end the season with a smile, giving it all.

And there we were, a few days before the race in the middle of romantic couples and retired tourists, walking around the course, that was located in that beautiful mountain scenery. Just on time for the race the clouds and the rain arrived and gave us a few good showers before the start. The horn blasted for us at 10:05 in the heavy rain. (Thanks UoBTriTeam for teaching me open-water starts by the way. ;)) 400 metres later I was still at the front of the race and for the first time this season in the first group for the bike. I was so happy and excited about this, that my helmet did not want to close properly around my smile, therefore I had to put in a lot of effort to get back to the front group. As soon as I managed to do so, there was the first U-turn accompanied by the first incline, and before I had even past the cone, the group was gone again. On the very hilly and technical 13k long course group two caught up on me soon. Back in transition, glad I had not crashed this time, I was excited for the short run of 3.3k. My excitement did not last very long, as for some reason my lungs were tightening and my breathing got out of control. With a rather slow run, I still managed to finish and came 21st. A big well done to my team mate, Jasmin Weber, who pulled out a brilliant performance coming 13th, despite crashing on the bike.

And now? It’s the end of the season. I’m smiling. I’m tired. it’s time for a break. But it’s also time to say thank you. First of all thank you coach Lou, for making me a better athlete and person, I absolutely loved every single of your Monday-pep-talks. J A special thanks goes to my family, who accepts my rainy and my sunny days. I’d like to thank the Wildcats Swiss Triathlon Team, teamcoach Cam and our sponsors Erdgas, Baumann&Cie, Giant, Polar, Vitalis Center, and Goldwurst Power. Finally thanks to everyone of you, who make training about fun, friendships, and getting stronger together.


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