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geschrieben am 17.07.2016
Not an easy one to write.
About the last two months or so.

Season 2016, here we come! …. at least I thought so, but then things happened not the way I had planned. For the last 6 months or so with ups and downs a plantar fascia injury has kept me more or less out of my normal running training. It had to be replaced by endless hours of aquajogging and on the cross trainer. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to never have done this type of exercise, I can only recommend it, if you have good friends with you.  I was lucky, thanks guys :) . 

Then 2nd year exams came up, quite a stressful time, if you ask me, and it took more out of me than expected. Once they were all over my body shut down and I caught a cold, just a week before a Bundesliga race in Germany. Two days before the race I felt fine again, but then on raceday I woke up with a fever, I had come all this way and decided to still try and race. Halfway through the bike my lungs said stop. Thanks you P.V. Triathlon Team Witten for being so supportive and understanding.

The next week I had a sinal infection and was on antibiotics. I had one week to get back into training and one to taper before one of the biggest races of my life. Five days before, I crashed from the bike, thankfully it was not a bad one and a “wirralian” (British Peninsula) bush absorbed the shock.  ;)

Saturday, 2nd of July, “welcome to the 2016 ETU Premium European Cup in Holten”, it blasted out of the speakers followed by the ITU prerace beats. The air was sharp, it smelled like rain, and I was super excited to stand in front of this great challenge next to athletes I had always looked up to.  It was such a big opportunity and I was committed to make the most of it, against all odds and my terrible preparation.

The horn blasted I had an excellent start, but after about halfway I could not keep the pace up and fell back in the race. I came out of the water with the last group, but then in T1, I lost second after second, unable to take my wetsuit off. I looked up and all the girls were gone. I got on the bike, committed to time trial it back to them, but the headwind was strong and my power wasn’t enough. I had a solo race, battling against the thoughts in my head that were asking me to stop. But I finished, cheered on by the incredible people in Holten (honestly, it deserves the name “triathlon mecca of Europe”).  

What next? Yes, it was a terrible preparation and a bad race, but I was committed to get on with things, regain fitness and race well in the second half of the season. First step to this was to see my doctor to check my injury was healing all right. And this is as far as I got, the reason being my plantar fascia tendon was and still is in a bad state, one where running or racing would seriously endanger it to tear. Season 2016 – Game over.

The next day I got an email from the Swiss Triathlon Federation, that I had qualified for the World University Championships in August, which had been my main goal this season. Great and not great.

It took me a while to sort out my thoughts and be all right with not racing in the triathlon races I had looked forward to, all year.  But there is always a plan B. Summer is also a great season for cycling, and open water swimming, two of the many things I’m definitely allowed to do with my injury. And perhaps, this is now the right time for me to give my body the time it needs to heal, to be able to come back fully motivated and energetic when the winter preparation starts. On this note, I would like to thank all the people I am spending so many good times with. Thanks also to the Wildcats and the UoB Tri Team, which I love training with. But especially I would like to thank coach Lou, who’s always helping me through these times.

Time, to take a step back, breath, and enjoy summer.

Tri Love & merci.